Whether you are a new or established Homeowner in Huntington Farms, we encourage you to be an active member of the HOA by attending the semi-annual meetings which are held in the Spring and Fall. These meetings provide an opportunity to ask questions, voice your opinion, and introduce new ideas for discussion.  

Our HOA is governed by covenants and by-laws which exist to serve the residents,  protect the character of the neighborhood, preserve the attractiveness of the subdivision, as well as protect property values. These documents are administered by an HOA Board of Directors and an Architectural Control Committee, which is made up of Huntington Farms Homeowners who volunteer their time and energy to manage the neighborhood for the residents.


Please be aware before you make any architectural changes to your  property, you need approval from the Architectural Control Committee. Simply send an email to the address on the webpage with your proposal. 


As a member of the Huntington Farms Homeowners Association, you are required to contribute to the common expenses of the Association.  HOA Dues cover the following expenses:  street light maintenance and electric bill,  entrance landscaping and mowing, pond maintenance, water bill for entrance irrigation systems, HOA insurance, homeowner mailings,  mailbox post painting, and mailbox post subsidy for post replacement.

Once again, welcome to Huntington Farms and please contact the HOA Board at huntingtonfarmshoa@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.