In order to address any confusion regarding the use of the Ponds by Homeowners, we have provided the portion of the Covenants which explicitly states the rules regarding the use of the Ponds.

Please email the HOA Board if you have any questions related to the ponds and please view the Pond Committee Issue List on this website.



ARTICLE II - SECTION C - (page 3 of Covenants)

"Except for the right of ingress or egress, the Owners of Lots  may use the property outside their respective Lots only in accordance with reasonable rules and regulations as may be adopted by the Association or as expressly provided herein.  Specifically, the lakes and ponds in the Development shall not be used for swimming, boating, fishing or any other purpose except as otherwise set forth herein.  It is expressly acknowledged and agreed by all parties that this Section is for the mutual benefit of all Owners and is necessary for the protection of all Owners."