Q: How does trash/recycling work in the neighborhood?

A: The City of West Lafayette collects trash for the Huntington Farms neighborhood, and the service charge is on your wastewater bill.  To purchase trash or recycling bins, or for any questions regarding trash pickup, please contact the City of West Lafayette  Phone: (765) 775-5242.

Q: To whom do we report problems with the street lights?

A: Tipmont REMC. You can send email to or call 1-800-726-3953. 

Q: Who is responsible for plowing snow?

A: The roads are maintained by Tippecanoe County. Typically subdivisions are the last roads to be plowed.

Q: Will the mail be delivered if there is snow piled in front of the mailbox?

A: If the Postal worker needs to get out of the truck to reach the mailboxes, or cannot pull alongside and needs to climb on the snow, then your mail will not be delivered. This is a USPS policy.

Q: Who is allowed to fish at the ponds in Huntington Farms?

A:  According to the Covenants, there is no swimming, fishing, or boating on the Ponds.  This includes members (actual home owners) and the family of members.  Please refer to the website page dedicated to the ponds.

Q: Who is responsible for a damaged mailbox or post?

A: If your mailbox post is damaged or is in disrepair, it is the homeowners responsibility to repair or replace the post or mailbox. 

In an effort to encourage homeowners to replace their mailboxes and posts with the traditional style used in the neighborhood, the HOA has started a subsidy program.  The HOA will refund 50% of replacement or repair costs, up to $150, for up to fifteen homeowners per year.  To apply for this subsidy, please contact the HOA Board at   

 Please note, this subsidy should not be used for mailboxes and posts that were damaged by snowplows.  The county is responsible for this damage and 

will repair/replace your post as necessary.

 Mailboxes Installed,  Contact - David Schluttenhofer  765-296-6462

Q: What do I do if I want to put in a fence, pool, build a shed, add onto our house or make any other structural change to your house or property?

A: First, review the covenants to review the HOA's requirements then email the HOA at Someone from the Architectural Control Committee will contact you as soon as possible.

Q: Is there a neighborhood garage sale?

A: Yes, please refer to the events page on the HOA website.